Ruby Programming

                                                                                                  RUBY PROGRAMMING         … Continue reading Ruby Programming


Embedded JAVA

  Embedded JAVA     "The Microprocessor says Hello Java! "   In this world of transformers, machinery, terminators, there co-exists a world of microprocessors that was fabricated by humans. The 1900s saw growth in the potential development of microprocessors until the milestone was discovered in 1961 when the first embedded system, Apollo Guidance Computer … Continue reading Embedded JAVA

Mhsscoe’s ACM Technical Team

Here we give a brief introduction to our technical team members- Technical Head ~ Ms.Rinki Naag(BE EXTC). Joint Technical Heads ~ 1. Mr.Hozefa Bata(BE). 2. Ms.Zoya Sayyed(BE). 3. Mr.Yash Tomar(TE). Technical Team ~ Ms.Uzma Ansari(TE). Mr.Shubham Dinesh Singh(TE). Mr.Abbas Damarwala(TE). Mr.Shaheer Ahmed Khan(TE). Mr.Shadab Rauf Nerekar(SE). Mr.Husain Shabbir Amreliwala(SE). Mr.Maruf Abdul Majid Shaikh(SE). Mr.Saurabhkumar Udayraj Tripathi(SE).